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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Journal 3- Summarizing you Learning


I have learned a wealth of information about developing an effective online course.  Besides the technical specifications, understanding some of the different theories used in general education such as constructivism, in the classrooms and how it can translate into an online format was enlightening.  Developing an effective online course requires a lot of insight on not only the course content but also considerations for the generations of learners you will be teaching. 


After completing the activities, assignments and reflecting on my own past experiences with online courses, I have developed a greater appreciation for the amount of time it can take to develop and facilitate online courses.  Having only been on the student side thus far, I have mostly resonated with student challenges when it comes to eLearning.  At times I have found with eLearning that life can get in the way and may cause a delay in completing the course work required.  I have found that by having open and good communication with my instructors helpful in overcoming these types of challenges.  This would definitely be something I would want to emulate in the future courses I may teach online one day.


 After completing the challenges and opportunities of eLearning assignment I have gained more knowledge in what challenges can arise for instructors, as well as how to minimize them.  In addition, I have developed a better sense of the importance following some form of quality guidelines to ensure the course is not only successful and more positive for the learners and students but also effective and efficient.


This course was an excellent start to gain new learning and look back at underlying techniques in which education can be applied to online courses.  I feel that for my online course I would need to research a bit more on approaches best used for healthcare eLearning courses.  I would also like to try and follow approaches that create a supportive and positive learning environment as those types of courses in my past online learning journey have been the most memorable and enjoyable for me. 

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